Please note the delivery terms and conditions, including the basic fees and additional charges.

1. Delivery service is not available in border restricted areas, offshore islands, Disneyland, storage facilities, shipping docks, public areas (such as stations, streets, stairs, etc.), or locations that cannot be accessed by stairs and require delivery through the terrace.

2. Delivery service is limited to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, including Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, and New Territories (Note: additional delivery fees will be charged for Tung Chung and Discovery Bay).

Tung Chung: $60, Ma Wan: $120, Park Island: $120.-
Discovery Bay: $360.-
Entrance to Yuen Long Pat Heung Lower Village: $100.-

Regarding the designated delivery dates for each outlying island or other arrangements and charges for deliveries to other outlying islands, please inquire with the store staff.

3. If the delivery address does not have direct lift access, additional delivery charges will be levied for each floor by Ashely Furniture Design. For details, please refer to the Additional Delivery Charges Table. The additional delivery charges will be collected in cash by the delivery personnel on the spot and no receipt will be issued.

4. If delivery is required to a riverbank or pier, customers must arrange for sea transportation and cargo loading and unloading themselves. All additional fees must be paid by the customer.

5. Adding products, creating new sales orders, or modifying original sales orders must be confirmed three days before the agreed delivery date.

6. Furniture delivery is available from Monday to Saturday. (Note: No delivery service is available on Sundays and public holidays.)

7. Due to different delivery deadlines for each product, we will contact you by phone one to two working days before delivery to confirm the delivery details.

8. The designated delivery date can only be changed once. If you need to change the delivery date again, you will need to pay a storage fee of HK$200 per 7 days.

9. If there is no one at the delivery address at the agreed delivery time or if the delivery personnel cannot enter the house due to other limitations (such as the size of the customer's residential entrance or terrace), the customer must pay an administrative fee of HK$200 to arrange for a new delivery. The new delivery date must be at least three days after the notice of the change of the delivery date.

10. If the customer needs to change the delivery address or time or add products and change the delivery arrangement once, they must call Ashley Furniture Design Customer Service Department at least 4 working days before the delivery date (excluding Sundays and public holidays).

11. If there is a delay, suspension, or rescheduling of the delivery due to actual circumstances such as traffic, area, weather, and other factors at the agreed delivery time, regardless of whether the reason for such delay or rescheduling is within Ashley Furniture Design's control, Ashley Furniture Design will not be responsible for any liability.

12. If the delivered product requires an installation fee, the installation fee is not included in the delivery service fee. For details, please refer to the Additional Delivery Charges Table.

13. If multiple items are purchased from our company but need to be delivered separately, an additional delivery fee of HK$180 will be charged.

14. All unpaid orders are valid for six months. After the period of six months, we regret to inform that we will not notify customers. Custom-made products (non-standard sizes, colors, etc.) cannot be returned or exchanged in any form once ordered. If customers insist on exchanging goods (limited to purchasing ready-made goods), they can only exchange goods of equal value, and our company will not provide any refunds.

15. In the event of inclement weather such as thunderstorms, typhoon signals or black rainstorm warnings, or if shipping is affected due to weather, the delivery service may be temporarily suspended. The delivery time will be rescheduled without extra charge.

16. The delivery date will vary depending on the different regions. For details, please inquire with the store staff or call 2690 2226.

Additional Delivery Charges

1. Furniture Moving Upstairs Service

Delivery is only available to addresses with elevators. If the delivery cannot be delivered directly, additional stair charge for delivery will be apply:

Stairs Charge (per item per floor)
Small Size Furniture:
Beside table, Coffee table, Side table, Dining chair, Dressing chair HK$150.-
Medium Size Furniture:
Shoe cabinet, TV cabinet, Dressing table, Dining table, Chests of drawers HK $180.-
Large Size Furniture:
Bookshelf, Wardrobe, Cabinet, Living room cabinet, Bed, Sofa HK $250.-
Iron frame, Sofa bed, Recliner sofa, Marble table HK $350.-

Additional charge(s) will be apply if it is not auessable by truck.

Flat Road, Sloping Road (per item)
Applicable only to village houses and rural areas

Flat Roadwithin 50 meters HK $100.-
Over 50 meters, every additional 50 meters HK $100.-
Sloping Roadwithin 10 meters free.-
Over 10 meters, every additional 50 meters HK $100.-
Hoisting Fee (per floor) HK $500.-

-Customers must pay the additional fees directly in cash to the delivery team.
- For safety reasons, exterior wall hoisting furniture service is not available.
-If the furniture product is arranged for delivery on the ground floor (excluding the delivery address is on the ground floor), no installation service will be provided.

2. Disposal of Furniture

The following are the additional fees required for disposing of old furniture :

Furniture Type


1. Three-seat sofa :  Recliner Sofa $500   Normal Sofa $400
2. Two-seat sofa :    Recliner Sofa $400   Normal Sofa $300
3. Single-seat sofa : Recliner Sofa $350   Normal Sofa $250
4. Two-seater plus chaise lounge sofa : Recliner $600   Normal Sofa $400
(For additional recliner seats adds $100, normal sofa add $50)

Shoe cabinet, TV Cabinet, Dressing table, Chests of Drawers
3 feet or below $250, 4 feet $300, 5 feet $450
 (Each additional 1 feet adds $100)

One table and four chairs
Normal table size within 4 feet or below: Table $400, Marble and solid wood $800
(If four chairs are included, add $100, for two chairs add $50)

Bed frame
3 feet or below: $400, 3.5 feet: $450 
4 feet: $500, 4.5 feet: $550 
5 feet: $600, 5.5 feet: $650
6 feet: $700
(Each additional 1 feet adds $100)

Bunk bed, Electric bed, Hydraulic bed, Pocket Spring bed.
Single size: $600  Double size: $800

3 feet or below: $400, 4 feet: $500 
5 feet: $600, 6 feet: $700
(Each additional 1 feet adds $100, and so on)

Coffee table
MDF: $400  Marble, solid wood, all glass: $600

Wardrobe, Bookshelf and cabinet
3 feet or below: $400    4 feet: $500,
5 feet: $600    6 feet: $700
 (Each additional 1 feet adds $100)

The above price only applied on wooden items. If there is glass, additional $100 will be add on. If there is marble, additional $200 will be add on.


3. Wall-mounting Service

3.1 Wall-mounting service is only applicable to designated products:
4 feet/below: HK $250.-
5 feet: HK $350.-
6 feet: HK $450.-
(For extra 1 feet add $100. Drilling fee, each hole $150)

3.2 This service must be used together with the delivery and assembly service, and the assembly and wall-mounting address must be the same as the delivery address of the purchased furniture. The date and time for delivery, assembly, and wall-mounting services must be arranged separately.

3.3 This service is only applicable to designated products sold by Ashley Furniture. Wall-mounted products must be installed and mounted as a whole, and partial wall-mounting of products is not accepted.

3.4 Wall-mounting service is not applicable to kitchens; marble, metal, tile, and gypsum board surfaces.

Terms and Conditions:
- This service must be used together with the "Delivery Service", and the receiving address must be the same as the delivery address of the purchased furniture, and the date and time of delivery and receiving must also be the same.
- The type of furniture to be disposed of must be the same as the designated furniture purchased.
- If customers wish to use the old furniture disposal service, please confirm three days before the delivery date and pay in advance at the store. If the originally scheduled delivery time slot is full, customers may need to change the delivery date, and we regret that we cannot provide disposal service upon immediate request at the delivery site.
- This service is not applicable to outlying islands.
- The furniture disposal service is not applicable to locations where delivery cannot be made through stairs and must be entered through a terrace, locations where the delivery address is on the 4th floor or above without an elevator, boat houses or yachts, etc.
- The disposed furniture must be dismantled or separated into parts and can be transported through doorways and building elevators. The company does not provide dismantling and arranging of furniture disposal through terraces or windows.
- Once the furniture has been disposed of, Good Idea Furniture will not be responsible.

In case of any disputes, Good Idea Furniture reserves the right to make the final decision.